About us

As part of the primeLine Group, we represent innovation, security, and customized solutions. We define and establish the highest standards to support our customers in implementing their digital visions with confidence and technological excellence.


Our Vision

At primeLine AI, we have made it our mission to be pioneers in the field of AI infrastructure services. To achieve this, we harness the expertise of all enterprises within the primeLine Group. We understand that delving into Artificial Intelligence can be a challenging hurdle for businesses of any size. Therefore, our central concern is to break down these barriers by consolidating the competencies of all companies within the primeLine Group. Our stated goal is to ensure swift and seamless access to the field of Artificial Intelligence for our clients. At the same time, we stand by as a competent partner in infrastructure for service providers in the AI sector.

primeLine AI – The strategic partner of future AI Innovations.


Our Commitment

Our commitment is not only to meet but to exceed the needs of our customers through personal contact and swift responsiveness. With our manufacturing facility in Germany and an extensive inventory, we are able to deliver customized solutions with a quality and speed that surpasses market demands. Our expertise spans from hardware development to the implementation of tailored software solutions, as well as the provision and maintenance of highly available systems. This includes the continuous development and optimization of German-language AI models specifically tailored to the requirements of the German-speaking market.


Our location:
The heart of innovation

In the picturesque town of Limburg an der Lahn, you'll find our ISO 27001 certified data center. This location symbolizes our commitment to security, data protection, and high availability. From here, we provide our customers with an infrastructure that combines state-of-the-art technology and the highest security standards to lay the foundation for successful AI projects.


primeLine and partimus:
An alliance that sets standards.

The establishment of primeLine Solutions GmbH in 2010 and the strategic expansion through partimus in 2021 illustrates our continuous effort to actively shape the technology landscape. Partimus, as a specialist in data center services, complements our competencies perfectly and strengthens our ability to offer holistic IT infrastructure solutions. This collaboration within the primeLine Group allows us to provide our customers with seamless integration of services—from hardware production to GDPR-compliant data processing.


"We focus on personal care and guarantee: Our data is not stored with third-party companies!"

Chief of Staff

A wide range of tailored hardware solutions, starting from powerful workstations to server and storage options, up to HPC applications, including a focus on Artificial Intelligence machines.

In the heart of Limburg lies Partimus, a state-of-the-art data center. Here, you will experience a comprehensive range of services, from colocation to renting computing resources to professional cloud consulting – always at the highest level and constantly evolving.

With a focus on the traditional systems integration business, primeLine Systemhaus pays particular attention to comprehensive support for the IT infrastructures of companies.


Customized Server Solutions
You have individual requirements for your hardware. We are happy to design customized systems according to your requirements.