primeLine AI

Your partner for AI infrastructure in Germany

Experience the powerful AI infrastructure that drives your ambitions in Deep Learning, Machine Learning & High-Performance Computing. Optimized for AI training and inference.


The key advantages at a glance

Data center in Germany

With Partimus, the primeLine Group maintains its own own data center in Germany.

Personal support

With your personal contact person, we offer individual advice and support.

More than 10 years of experience in HPC

primeLine is one of the leading integrators for HPC-clusters in Germany.


This is why primeLine AI
is the right choice :

GPUs for different workloads

We offer GPUs from NVIDIA such as L40s, A6000 and H100 that are tailored to AI Workloads. In case of special requirements we are happy to provide tailor-made systems.

Onboarding support and AI-Consulting

Our AI and infrastructure experts provide onboarding and support for complex cases and platform usage optimization to shorten your troubleshooting time.

Affordable and fair pricing

Maximize your benefits with our reserved pricing models. Contact our sales team for a quote tailored to your needs.


Technology partner

Successful AI projects require strong and innovative partners. primeLine AI lives this philosophy and works hand in hand with the most successful companies in this area.


Hardware of the
latest generation
All our systems are equipped with the latest technology. The high-performance components meet the highest requirements. This enables you to carry out both training and inference with maximum efficiency.

Modell Inference

Use primeLine AI inference for real-time or demand-driven predictions. LLM-optimized inference offers maximum performance.

Object Storage

We offer secure and scalable cloud object storage. Easily store large amounts of unstructured data, access it and use it for your model training.

Modell Training

Accelerate your AI model training and create something extraordinary! Use the primeLine AI infrastructure and find the right setup for your specific model. Our Experts are happy to support you.


We're here to support you
Our AI experts are here to assist you in getting the most out of your applications. We can help optimize your instance for both training and inference, among other things. Additionally, we're happy to assist you with the integration of the following applications:

Lorax Inference Server

Maximize the efficiency of your GPU instance. Host thousands of fine-tuned models on one server.

Llama factory

Unlock the full potential of your LLMs with the user-friendly training interface.

TensorRT LLM + Triton

TensorRT-LLM for accelerating and optimizing inference performance for the latest LLMs on NVIDIA GPUs.

Chat UI

With this Chat UI, you can offer an attractive alternative to common user interfaces or test the performance of your models.

Argilla Datenlabelling

Secure NLP platform: dataset management, labeling, and annotation. Develop accurate language models with integrated feedback for LLM optimization.

AI Consulting

General consultation on AI training, AI inference, infrastructure, datasets, and common tools. Together, we'll make the most of your primeLine AI instance.


Customized Server Solutions
You have individual requirements for your hardware. We are happy to design customized systems according to your requirements.